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Friday, June 28, 2013

Fun with Jesus

Having fun is in danger of extinction.

We're so pressed by the demands we see in our world, that the prospect of actually enjoying life seems to recede further and further away, until the concept has lost all meaning.

We parcel out recreational time into manageable blocks, and woe betide us if we dally overlong, recreating, when we should be attending to something else.

And our kids...well, yours, we don't have any...they get blitzed from one after-school activity to another, in the hope that their lives will be enriched and that they'll be well-rounded.

And, ye Gods, it'll look good on their resume.

But are they enjoying that?

Are you enjoying, really having fun with all the activities you've got in your life?

One of the hallmarks of fun is unconciousness of self. When did you last do something that allowed you to forget yourself, forget what people watching you might think?

Another indicator is unconciousness of time. When was the last time that your internal clock was not ticking off the minutes? When was the last time you checked the time on your phone, or your watch?

When was the last time you went out without a timepiece, out into the world on your own time?

It really does boil down to those two things - forgetting ourselves, and forgetting the passage of time.

I suspect that Mary, sister of Martha and of Lazarus, felt that while listening to Jesus. She was in the moment, and her personality and ego didn't enter into the situation.

Because listening to Jesus is FUN.


  1. GREAT post, Uncle A. You're a smart guy, you do know that? Right?

    1. Thanks! And I owe it all to Barbara, the dogs...and my friends.

  2. Umm, and those siblings who took you as their own? You've got family, you just haven't met them all.