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Thursday, December 29, 2022



We start out fresh with resolutions,
most destined to fail, I fear,
in attempt to find solutions
that will tame the coming year.
When rolls around the Super Bowl
the leather Bible gathers dust,
and exercise machine pays toll
of neglect in growing rust.
Perhaps we plan too far ahead,
and cannot keep the ball in play
for so long, and should instead
resolve that just for this one day
we'll do our best to see them through,
all that we promised to do.

I have but one resolution, and that's to singlehandedly create a supply-chain crisis of Keystone Light beer.

Oh, wait. Maybe I shouldn't have admitted said that.


I actually prefer Fosters ale.

Music from Chumbawamba, with the irrepressible song Tubthumping

Sylvia loves beer, as long as someone else is drinking it.



  1. Andrew, yes I wholeheartedly agree. A resolution should be one day at a time. Much easier to commit to 24 hrs rather than 365 days. Like the song says, "one day at a time, sweet Jesus, that's all I'm asking of you...." Happy New Year!!!

    1. Mary, you've got it exactly right. Twenty-four hours, we can do.

      Sometimes, even twenty-four minutes makes the difference.

      Happy New Year to you!