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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Your Dying Spouse 754 - Still Here, Sort Of

Thought I was going to die. Didn't.

Kind of wished I could, but not really.

Still a lot to do.

Harder to breathe, and I'm not digesting anything (don't ask).

But I'll keep doing my best.

If you ask just how it is,
will we lose, or win?
All that I can tell you’s this:
things look pretty grim.
The systems are a-shuttin’ down,
supplies not gettin’ through;
breathin’s more like tryin’ to drown,
and there’s nothin’ I can do
except to smile and give a wave
to those worse off than me;
there may not be much to save
but my sanity,
for though I have to drink this cup,
I raise my hand; my thumb is up.

Music from Rod Stewart, with Forever Young.

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  1. <3 <3 <3 .... (We all thought you might not be here either. SO glad Barb wrote for us to pray.) You one hecka fighter, and we are the better for it. Prayers are back your way again.

  2. You expected to die years ago, but God has kept you here because you continue to inspire all of us who read your posts.

    1. Jan, it sometimes baffles me. But I am glad to be here, still.

  3. Glad to here you're still here Andrew.

    1. Leon, thanks, Me too. It really hurts, but I'm still glad to be alive.


  5. Not sounding good. But your illness does not defeat you, your spirit, or your faith. As long as I've been following your blog, this has been true. Truly, Andrew, you are one tough cookie. So many times I've thought you were at Heaven's gate, but you've defied the odds. Well, I'm glad you're still with us. We appreciate you and the encouragement you've brought into our lives. And I'm grateful you have a voice that can be heard even though you live separate from active public life. Thank you for the blessings, laughs, and insights. Bless you, my friend.

    1. My dear Norma, thank you so much for this. It's definitely not looking good (as I write this it's looking - literally - awful, and feeling worse), but I've found a lightness of spirit that I never expected...and woul not trade for anything. Not even healing, for I'm healed at the core.

      I'm just so grateful to still be here, and I wonder...does that gratitude help make it possible to stay?

      I'm so blessed by your friendship.

  6. You're one amazing warrior, Andrew, and though you may be going through a very dark valley, you know you're going to win (1 Cor. 15:55 - "“O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?”) Selfishly, I'm so glad you're still here, but when the time comes for you to walk through the Heavenly gate, there will be a victor's crown awaiting you, and an amazing, joyous celebration. (((Hugs))) and prayers.

    1. Great-Granny-Grandma, thank you SO MUCH for this. I'm replying on a truly terrible day, and you have added steel to my spine.

  7. Andrew, hi. I'm praying for you and Barb as I tap away on the keyboard. May God's strong presence be palpable and real to you, friend ...

    1. Linda, on this worst of days...thank you so very, very much. I am honoured by your friendship.