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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Your Dying Spouse 715 - Both Sides Now

It seems to me that Christmas, the birth of God in human form, didn't bring unity to Creation.

It brought contradiction, in which a Baby is a Saviour, a King is a servant, and the innocent pay the blood-debt of sin.

And it's precisely that dynamic tension, like the wind-filled sails on a yacht, that makes the whole thing go.

It's an end and a beginning,
it's a win and it's a loss,
saintly virtue while you're sinning
and it's cheap at twice the cost.
You'll be flying when you're grounded,
on the wings of leaden feet,
and you're free when you're impounded
on the gold-encrusted street.
You'll be sailing when you're sinking,
you'll be empty when you're full;
there are no thoughts when you are thinking
and the Servant comes to rule.
The only answer I can give
is that by dying, you will live.

Here's Judy Collins, with Both Sides Now.

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  1. There were so many ironies about Jesus coming to earth and how he lived his time here. An upside-down kingdom for sure! Hope you had a good Christmas, Andrew.

    1. Lisa, upside-down is exactly right!

      It was a good Christmas. I hope yours was, too.