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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Your Dying Spouse 628 - The Rapids

Just need a chance to catch my breath, God, that's all I ask.

I think that now I'm in the rapids,
and full of boulders is the shore.
I must ride, and whatever happens
I want to live, now even more.
The water ran so fast behind me
that I thought it could not rise,
but I was wrong, and now every
turn brings some dread surprise.
I have to hold my breath and hope
that some calm water lies ahead
where I can let out mooring rope;
if that's not so, well, then I'm dead.
White-water God, Lord over cancer,
I trust You, and I trust Your answer.

Music from Billy Joel, with Pressure.

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  1. Andrew, soooooo, I'm just gonna say it, because why not? LIVE! Let each day bring more and more Life to every fighting Good cell, more and more Death to every cancer one. Defy the odds. BE the miracle of the every fighting GOOD two-fish-and-five-loaves cells multiplying into a million. LIVE! Why not? You've got the heart. He's got the power. We'll all add some faith....You're a walking miracle already... so why not? I'm praying more and more REST every day.

    1. What Jane said! 👆 Prayers, Andrew!

    2. Jane, thank you so much for this uplifting, heartening comment. You're so right, that HE has the power, and I just need give Him my heart!

      Thank you so much for your prayers, and know you are in ours.

    3. Diana, thank you! You guys are in our prayers, too.

  2. May God give you a break of calm water and time to catch your breath. Blessings and love to you, Barb and your special dogs!

    1. Gayl, hugs and thanks and blessings and love, from everyone here!