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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Your Dying Spouse 143 - The Only Easy Day {FMF}

Here we are again for Five Minute Friday, the weekly key-word themed timed writing challenge hosted by the wonderful Kate Motaung.

The word this week is...EASY

The only easy day was yesterday.

Beyond the point of despair lies I-do-not-care...and beyond that lies something else.

A comforting sort of peace, in which I know that I had better enjoy today, because tomorrow is going to suck, and today will seem like a vacation in comparison.

It's comforting because it makes today feel like a temporary shelter in a storm. I know the wind's backing around, and I'll soon be drenched, but for now, I'm dry.

This is all going to end. When, I don't know. Yesterday there was a bell ringing in my head...you're running out of time.

Melodramatic, and writing it, it seems kind of silly. But I'm sure running out of energy. Writing the blog pots and commenting on other essays...fewer each week, and I hate that...takes almot all the resources I have.

So maybe I am running out of time.

But it doesn't matter, because I've got today. The same hours you have, and everyone has.

And the most important thing is this.

It's not how I use them.

It's how I value them.

And now...let's sing along with John, Paul, George, and Ringo!

If you can, please do leave a comment. I am trying to answer all, and I am failing, but please know this - I read and treasure each one.

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  1. I'm honored to be one of the recipients of your energy. More and more I'm Wilbur and you're Charlotte. Andrew, best line yet: It's not how you spend your hours, but how you value them.
    Blessings, love, and prayers to you and Barbara and the pups!

    1. Can I just cut and paste Tammy's comment and put my name above it instead? ;-)

  2. Oh Andrew! So glad you are here. It's ok if you don't get to commenting. We understand. Fave line: "It's not how you use them,but how you value them." I'm over in the #6 spot friend.

  3. Andrew, beautiful. And as soon as I read your title, I knew how the sentence would end. I've thought of it many times since meeting you. I loved what you said about the most important thing not being how you use your days but how you value them. Your actions, your words . . . those show how you value them. By pouring into Barb, and into others, and into your dogs.

    Thank you for your inspiration, and for the way you continue to show up. You truly inspire me, my friend. And I continue to pray for you, day and night.

  4. Oh, Andrew. Value. Value. Thank you.

  5. I am glad you are still here with us joining in every week!! You and Barbara and the pups are in my daily prayers. Remember you have a whole group of people praying for y'all!!

    I'm at number 13 if you feel up to commenting, no pressure though.

  6. Doggone it... I want today to be easy for you. I want today to be sunshiny and bright and dry and no pain and lots of doggie snuggles - I want Barbara to be there with you and well, I know I know... there's that reality thing. It's easy to type this. It's easy to read the post. It's just not easy knowing you aren't going to be here one day or, heck, who knows? Maybe I won't be. Lord, none of us know. Do we? But we have RIGHT NOW and I'm going to savor it. xoxo

  7. I'm so glad you had a day of peace, but sorry that it's only a temporary shelter. Thank you for the reminder to not take the hours for granted.

  8. That's so true... valuing our days and our time we have! Good stuff! Praying for you friend and all your days ahead!

  9. Wow. I've never thought of it that way before--it's not how I use the hours but how I value them. May we all value the time we have as a precious gift (which should in turn keep us from wasting time).

  10. Thank you for valuing your days for the rest of us, too. It can't be easy to share what you're running out of . . . and yet the Lord provides enough, doesn't He?

  11. Praying for you, always! - BN http://steppingondandelions.com

  12. You have a beautiful heart. It speaks through the lines that you write. You continue to encourage us even though each day has its fill of pain and suffering. I'm glad one of your days was decent, better, easy-ER.
    I dread the day your blog goes silent, I truly look forward to reading it every time there is a new post. God bless you, Andrew. Courage, my friend.

  13. Everytime I come here, your words touch me. The realness of your heart is heard and leaves me encouraged and thankful. Sending a prayer up for you now #5

  14. I love that you have figured out that secret...to value your time! That is an amazing piece of knowledge and I thank you for sharing it!

  15. I wish I could fix all your troubles. Unfortunately - or rather VERY fortunately - I'm not God. One day you'll be with Him and all the trials will be gone. But, in the meantime, thanks for making my days a little bit brighter with your posts.

  16. Valuing the hours. That's thought-provoking. If I were to value my hours, then I would spend them wisely. Good word, my friend.

  17. Brother... man, how you are loved and valued and how we honor and appreciate the energy it takes for you to continue to pour out! Praying for you... wishing and wanting there to be more easy and less hard... but trusting through it all that He has you ...and one day, here or there, we will get to meet! I remember when God began to talk to me about time management and He told me to invest my time like money! Yes. This. Value the hours. We all need that reminder!

  18. wise words friend. It's how we value (and use) the time we have. Sometimes our time is used well, sometimes it seems wasted and other times we think we've wasted it and God somehow redeems it for His good. Thank you for coming over and commenting at my place. You're right, your dog's better looking...hahahaha...since you've made comments about it, I couldn't help myself. Peace and comfort to you this night friend

  19. Andrew, you have shared wise words for us all to heed - value the time we have. I am grateful that you chose to use some of your energy in sharing with me (in a comment) and with us all (through your post). May our Lord bring you the peace, strength & comfort that you need today. Blessings!

  20. Andrew, this has spoken hard wrought wisdom to us. Yes, today is all we have and we so often fail to fully appreciate it or the people in it. You had me with these words:
    "And the most important thing is this.
    It's not how I use them.
    It's how I value them"
    Oh Amen, friend! And how we value you and your wonderful contributions to the writing community. Each week I hope to see you here and breathe a sigh of relief that you've been spared a while longer. Praying you will be spared worsening pain and other debilitating symptoms. May these be days of rest, peace and being gently led toward life's last hallway. Every blessing to you, Barb and all your canine friends.
    A little poem for you:
    'Open door'
    When I slip soft
    into that long Goodnight
    I will not have
    burden of this earthly plight
    My eyes will see
    all they've been longing for
    becomes an open door

  21. Andrew, the days are long and hard on the journey you are on. All we do have is today; and it may not always be easy. It may be long and hard every day, or some of the time. But you are ON that journey; you still have today and you have a road full of companions for this journey, most important are your Barb and the pups, but also all of us, your readers, and most most important is The Man Upstairs Himself. We continue to follow; we continue the prayers...take it one day at a time, slow and easy wins the race!

  22. With every new word you struggle to write you are more dear to us, friend. Praying for you and Barbara.

  23. I always feel blessed to see your linkup each week. You continue to inspire me to value every moment. Blessings and prayers.

  24. I have read some of your posts over at Weekend Whispers. You are an inspiration, and you are in my prayers! Blessings to you and your family!

  25. Andrew, you truly are a blessing. Thank you for continually teaching us what really matters in life. I pray for you and your family often.

  26. I'm so sorry that things continue to be more and more painful for you, Andrew. I do pray for the pain to ease or for you to have breaks in the constant pain. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, my friend.