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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Your Dying Spouse 94 - Dangers

Linked to Messy Marriage's Wedded Wednesday

On December 12, 72 hours from my writing this, I had two bad falls and suffered a head injury - this will be a short post, as typing is still very hard.

As a caregiver, one must be attuned to the fact that your terminally ill spouse is fragile. You don't want that to be true; the illness itself is already overwhelming.

But the fact is that illness and the pain that accompanies it can result in other problems, ranging from opportunistic infections to, well, falls.

I went down very hard onto my face, breaking a cheekbone, and in trying to get up went down again. The other cheekbone may be broken as well, but Sylvia the Big Pit Bull threw herself under me to soften the impact. She almost got a broken leg. She's not too happy.

Point being, dear caregiving spouse...you've got to have Argus eyes, seeing everything. It doesn't seem fair, and it's not. It is merely the reality of your life.

I am sorry for that. Truly.

If you can.please do leave a comment. I am trying to answer all, and I am failing, but please know this - I read and treasure each one.

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  1. oh I'm so sorry, Andrew. thanking God for ol' Sylvia who surely saved the day.

    may today bring pockets of peace and rest to you ... and Barbara.

    1. Linda, thank you...Syl really did save me. She's very proud of herself now!

      Peace is here, and I pray the same for you.

  2. I've been wondering about you, Andrew. I knew something was up--or in this case, down. Ugh! My mom in her last days fell a lot too, although her's was due to mini-strokes she was having. I'm sure you're body has taken quite a toll with this disease marching on to new and more aggressive territory. I'm always amazed that you keep getting back up and perhaps that is what Barbara feels. You never seem to let things phase you. You persevere. I would think that would be easy to forget as a caretaker--that your dying loved one is as weak and in pain as they are ... especially when they are as tough-spirited as you are, my friend. I do hope and pray that you heal quickly and that the broken cheekbone does not swell so much that you cannot read properly. I know that much of your ability to rise above this situation is the escape you can find in reading and writing. Prayers are fired up for you!

    1. Beth, thank you so much! You';re absolutely right that reading and writing are vital for me...and while the swelling's there, I can still read. Kind of.

      Ithas taken a toll...and to be honest this seemed, well, excessive...but one does what one can, as one can. The results are imperfect, but they're there, and mean something. I hope!

      Thank you so much for being here, and for your prayers and support!

  3. Prayers for the sustaining comfort that only He can give.

  4. I am so sorry for the fall and the broken cheekbone? I was going to send you a funny rescue dog picture but I'm not going to because you would have to laugh and laughing with a broken cheekbone would be to da*n painful. xo

    1. Susan, please send it! Laughing does hurt, but it's worth it!

      Thank you for being here, my friend. I am glad that I know you.

  5. Praying for you, Andrew and know that you will rise above circumstances once again. Dogs are the best.

    1. Thank you, Kim! And I always say...dog is God spelled backwards. I see more of the unselfish, divine love directed in their eyes...they bless me.

  6. Oh Andrew, I am truly sorry that you had this - these - falls; but that your Sylvia placed herself beneath you to try to break your fall...how amazing is that?! I could say "take care of yourself", but I know you are doing that to the best of your ability. I will say..."Continued prayers for you and Barbara"; it seems to be just words, but know I do continue them.

    1. barbara, yes...it's amazing! The things that Syl and the others understand is simply beyond anything one would expect. I think they have a direct line to God's ear.

      And I so appreciate your presence, and your prayers. They mean more than you may know.

  7. Dear Andrew,
    I am so glad to see your post. Perhaps I am not glad for the pain and tragedy within its walls, but just the fact that you're still around is magnificent.
    Poor Sylvia. I hope she got an extra treat for her heroics.
    "You can't keep a good man down"...but if you try, he will try to get up again.
    I'm glad it was not the jawbone. I've heard they have to wire you closed for that kind of healing.
    Forgive me for wanting to lighten your mood with humor here, but that's really bursting up in me.

    I googled treatment for broken cheekbone. There are some amazing illustrations of the skeletal impact. There are some beautiful sports photos too. Did it affect your eye socket?

    I will continue to pray, but also for the healing on this. That it would be swift, and that you'd be able to happily hold that cigar between your lips again.

    You managed not to break your nose, just your cheekbone, right? That means you can still smell pumpkin pie and cinnamon pinecones and spiced cider and all the wonderful aromas of Christmas that don't matter the climate. I'm not sure if they ship Christmas trees all the way down to you in the desert, but that fresh pine scent is delightful too.

    Blessings to you and Barbara, dear friend.
    It's Thursday!

    1. Tammy, words fail me...I LOVE this comment!

      Sylvia is now Queen of the Castle. She's VERY impressed with herself. For good reason. She got some extra treats. She has the kindest eyes I have ever seen in this life. I'm so grateful for her (and for all the guys).

      Just the cheekbones.My nose has been broken several times, so I can still smell the cooking...even if partaking is hard. One bite and I'm done.

      Thank you so much for the prayers...and especially your friendship. I am SO glad we met. You've given more comfort and inspiration than I can say.