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Friday, September 26, 2014

Marriage Correspondence

(Remember that my new blog, "Daily Grace Quotes", will be starting up on October 1...and the site's open now, at www.dailygracequote.wordpress.com. Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart will not be affected! We'll be here, talking marriage and relationships, just as before.)

A few weeks before we were married, Barbara went on a long-planned camping vacation. She knew she'd be out of phone and email contact, so she hit on an idea that comes straight out of the history books.

She wrote me a letter for every day that she'd be gone, and got a friend to send them, one each day.

I was charmed, and delighted. There was something about 'seeing' her voice in her handwriting that nothing else really matched.

And this leads to a thought...

Why not get into the habit of writing your mate a letter?

You'll find that you can say things when you're writing with a pen, on paper, that you'd never think of saying. You can open up new areas of intimacy, because you've already cracked the door - in a very real sense our handwriting, the way we express ourselves, is a window into the soul.

But do it right. Get some nice stationery, a pen that doesn't leave smeary ink blobs, and attractive stamps.

Stamps? "But it's for someone who lives in the same house!"

Yes, stamps, and seal the envelope and put it in a mailbox.

When was the last time you got a personal letter? Don't you want to give your mate that kind of small, considerate gift of excitement and anticipation?

And don't telegraph the gift. Don't ask if anything came in the mail today...and don't be tempted to stand around while your letter's being read.

Let it be your independent emissary, and let it put some style and class into your marriage.

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