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Monday, July 29, 2013

Hearts, Faith, and the Prophet

A few centuries ago a prominent religious leader warned against extremism.

It wasn't Jesus.

It wasn't Paul.

It wasn't Augustine of Hippo.

It was Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam.

He also advised good treatment for the people of the Book - Jews and Christians.

Something is very wrong in what we are being taught about Islam. You leaf through the Internet for about ten seconds, and you'll find a lot of websites - many, unfortunately, with a Christian outlook - that go as far as suggesting that Muslims be exterminated.

You get a prominent TV cleric who talks about 'sweeping away' the Muslim shrines on Jerusalem's Temple Mount.

Muslims have a different set of beliefs. Does that make them less human?

Does that give us, as Christians, the right to ignore the positive, accepting parts of their beliefs, and merely focus on the hate-filled messages of a few?

Would WE want to be represented in our faith by Westboro baptist Church? (You remember - the guys that show up at the funerals of US troops and give thanks/)

And maybe we should remember this - Christ initially came for the Jews, and when He was rejected, turned to the Gentiles.

Are we rejecting Christ, in the hatred we support? Will we knock, and find His door barred - "I never knew you?" - because of what we tolerate in our hearts and faith?

Just asking.

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