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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Western Christians have a First-World problem.

We tend to read the promises in the Gospels as being directly applicable to our lives in this world, and we read them with the slant that gives us the message that we want.

Prosperity teaching is the most prominent example. God wants to 'prosper' us - which is taken as, He wants us to be rich.

Some preachers take it further, saying that Jesus was rich, so we should we not be rich as well?

Jesus was rich? Sure...he could afford to be a wandering preacher. Could you?

Then there is the prayer of Jabez - enlarge my territory! Taken as...make me rich!

One very prominent fellow said that he receives the favor of God often. Parking spaces open up for him on the downtown streets of s major city.

There are so many examples of Scripture that are used to support this line of thought.

Now switch to, say, Darfur. Wealth is not really an option for most. Survival is often not an option. Does this mean that God has somehow chosen to curse the people of Darfur, while showering blessings on our upper-class Christians?

Or is it something in their black or brown skins, that should make them expect less from Him?

Or...are we worshiping a God we've modified to meet our desires?

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