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Friday, May 3, 2013

A Dread Epiphany

It's time to pull together.

There has been a lot of airplay in Christian media about attacks on Christianity - and it's true. Christians are being harassed for their faith, with the government's blessing.

If you're a college student at a public university, you can be publicly ridiculed for your faith - by your professors. Will they be reprimanded?

No chance. They'll use the stories for laughs at the Faculty Club. (I used to be a professor, and this is something I know.)

The Pentagon is drafting plans to court-martial members of the armed forces who share their faith. Political appointees are doing this in consultation with Mikey Weinstein, a prominent atheist activist.

Why? Is it because Barak Obama is actually Muslim?

No, it's not. I'm not sure what he is, but I'm pretty certain he';s not Muslim.

The reason is a lot more sinister. Religious faith sets a higher standard for behavior, and the government doesn't want that.

The way to control a population is to desensitize them, and make morally demeaning products easily available. Pornography's a good case in point - it's been protected time and again, by government edict, and it's one of the most corrosive elements in our society today. It demeans women. destroys families, and eventually obsesses the men who view it.

Which keeps them from putting effort and interest into the more serious problems that we're facing. They'll turn past the news to get to XXX.

Faith, and upright behavior that we owe a Higher Power, stands in the way.

I doubted this for a long time. I thought that the government's anti-religious bias came from too great a concentration on the First Amendment's Establishment Clause.

But the recent behavior at the Pentagon changed my mind, because taking faith out of uniform takes away comfort for the maimed and the dying - at the behest of a bunch of civilian political appointees - and that's beyond wrong.

It's time to stand together. Protestants and Catholics, evangelicals and charismatics. Lutherans and Mormons and Methodists. For God's sake - literally -


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  1. Religious faith sets a higher standard for behavior, and the government doesn't want that.

    Well said, Brother. Amen.