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Thursday, April 14, 2022

God's Colouring Book

There's a scene in one of the Star Wars movies where our heroes are stuck in a watery trash compactor, and Luke Skywalker says that it could be worse.

There's a beast-bellow from the muck, and Han Solo says, "It's worse."

And then a slimy tentacle pulls Luke underwater, and the fun begins.

Yeah, it's worse. My voice is taken, and there's another metastasis, this one on my left humerus, which, when, you think about it, my being right-handed, is really kinda funny. Geddit?

Seriously, I can't raise my arm above waist level, and trying to put on a shirt is... interesting.

But I can still count it all joy. Yes, it hurts, yes, it's limiting, but there's something of a liberation in the pain, and in this durance vile. I can see beyond what used to be so important, so very solid... all of my ambitions and hopes and dreams.

I'm not denigrating them. They were worthwhile, but now I see that the good in them, good I will not see fulfilled in this life, is but the lines in a colouring book, to be filled in by God.

And meanwhile...

 Chihuahuas running this-a-way,
Chihuahuas running that,
with them there is hell to pay,
if you are a cat.
Chihuahuas running kitty down,
oh, kitty-cat is trapped!
And then they imitate the clown,
and kitty now is rapt
to see them bouncing in their play,
rolling, now, and once again,
and kitty cannot see the way
that their waggy tails remain
attached to them, the game all through,
and tries a grab on one or two.

The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is DENY. Yeah, ok.

I would rather set aside,
and in point of fact deny
that I want to run and hide
from knowing that I'm soon to die.
I lie awake because of pain
that really truly will not stop,
and wonder how my mortal brain
can handle going o'er top
of the bar do ably writ
by poet-friend, Lord Tennyson,
how to smile, and be quit
of an earthly benison,
and letting go my hard-gripped rope
cast my soul upon Christ's hope.

Four minutes fifteen seconds. Maybe there's something to this one.

In respect to the science fiction intro, here's the funniest scene from any SF movie (it's from the underrated 'Star Trek Beyond').

Sylvia counts ice cream as all joy. Me too.



  1. May we all cast our hope on Him as you say in your final words. I pray that you have some moments of pain relief. And your funny poem about a chihauhau and cat fits our household...we have both! Jennifer, FMF

    1. Jennifer, isn't it lovely to have the ChiChi/cat combination?

      Thanks so much for your prayers!

  2. I'm sad for the constant pain and limitations but rejoice with the liberation and anticipation. It is interesting how every coin has two sides to it. Praying for you, Andrew.

    1. Lisa, indeed, every coin does have two sides, and while things have gotten difficult and limiting, I know more and more that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

  3. Its heartbreaking to hear but insightful to hear you share. Many prayers.

    1. Rhonda, thank you so much for this kind and loving affirmation, and especially for your prayers.

  4. I enjoyed your thought process today!

  5. My prayers are with you as you continue as a faithful witness, a writer of poems, an owner of chihuahuas, and a precious son of God.

    Just stopped by from FMF#17

    1. Thank you so much for the prayers, Heather...being owned by Chihuahuas, I need them!

  6. The way you hold grief + goodness all at the same time is fiercely inspiring. Thank you for sharing

    1. Amanda, I love the way you put that, 'grief+goodness'!

      Thank YOU!

  7. It's so sad to hear of your pain and limitations, and yet you always share hope and peace and your humorous/humerus thoughts. Enjoyed your poetry today and the Star Wars reference!

    1. Kym, the pain and limitations are tough, but I honestly would not want to trade back for my old life. I've had a chance to see beyond the veil, and have found that 'perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee'.

      And it can be a humerus time, a laugh a minute, especially with Chihuahuas.

  8. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your life as it now stands, and the realities that bring so much into focus! I think I'm with Sylvia.🍦

    1. Whatever the realities, Sylvia's right. Ice cream 🍦 rules

  9. Cute poem about the chihuahuas and the cat.
    Thanks for the smile.

    1. Grams, I'm so glad that you enjoyed the poem.

      The Chihuahuas really run the house, with the cat as an eminence grise.

  10. Andrew, I am so sorry for the pain you continue to experience. Yet, I am so grateful for the encouragement you share, the laughter you bring for they constantly remind me to keep my eyes on Jesus. Bless you!

    1. Joanne, thank you so much for this; the pain today, as I write this, is dreadful, but your words are a soothing balm.

  11. Andrew, I continue to pray for you and Barb. You are a living, breathing example of determination. Your words reflect a heart determined to find hope in the middle of this beyond difficult situation. Thank you for always pointing my eyes back to Jesus, my friend.

    1. Jeanne, I'm so grateful for your prayers...and more determined than ever to live up to the affirmation with which you have honoured me!