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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Your Dying Spouse 586 - Deathbed Confession

We all have secrets.

Some, we take to the grave. Others, well...

There is a secret that I keep,
and hesitate to share;
do not to a conclusion leap;
I'm not having an affair.
There are no wild gambling debts,
and I'm not inclined to smut;
these would be serious threats
that could cause your heart to shut.
I do not go on shopping sprees,
though I want a Barrett rifle,
and I come to you on bended knees;
confession's not a trifle.
Time to come clean, so what the heck:
"My dear, my role model is Shrek."

And Barb said, "I knew that from the first. Why d'you think I married you?

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  1. Stephanie, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

    It's not easy being green.

  2. I love it! And Barb knew all along. :) My nephew was Shrek in a local theater production in FL where he lives. He loved it! Blessings and love to you and Barb and your special dogs!

    1. So glad you enjoyed this, Gayl...and cool that your nephew had the role!!

      Love and blessings back, from all of us.

  3. (((Andrew)))
    You've GOT to meet my brother in Heaven. He was 50+ years old and had our mother watching Shrek. We saved his DVDs. I always think of John when I see Shrek. Now I'll think of you, too.
    Annie in Texas

    1. ((((((Annie!))))))

      I'll be looking forwar to meeting John. Sounds like we may have a lot in common. I mean, starting with SHrek....that's a fair piece of shared road.

  4. Whenever I visit your "home", I come away smiling or laughing. Barb is one blessed lady to have you at her side and I know you feel the same way about her. May you receive the same laughter and sunshine today as you pour out on the rest of us so often. Thank you for being you - the you God created you to be.

    1. Anna, we thank you so much, and we're truly blessed by your visits, your words, and your love.

  5. Our Hannah (granddaughter, 22) LOVES Shrek. I think she is looking for him in a husband. LOL

  6. HA HA HA HA!
    I don't even know you, but I can see the connection from your writing! My son played Donkey this past fall, and I think this may have been my favorite of all the productions my kids have been in (in spite of the crass humor!).

    1. Michele, what a gift, to see your son play Donkey...Andrew's second favourite character!

      We are so glad you got to experience this!

  7. So does this mean Barbara gave up her opportunity to be a beautiful princess when she married you, the ogre, Andrew? I suppose it's always better to be ugly and crusty on the outside and a prince of a guy on the inside, right?! Thanks for this sweet poem and metaphor for your love story with Barbara! Praying for you, my friend!

    1. Beth, Andrew says that no matter what colour her skin, nor the shape of her ears, Barbara is ALWAYS the beautiful princess.

      We thank you so much for your prayers.