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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Your Dying Spouse 451 - The Everest Of Daily Life

Andrew again, for a short note. I hope you'll find it useful

I just finished watching the film Everest, about the ill-fated expedition during the 1996 spring climbing season in which climbers were caught out by an unexpected storm, and several died.

And others lived, through a determination to simply not give up. Not to die on that day, on that mountain.

We have our stormy Everests in daily life...mine is choosing not to die today, and to do everything in my power to keep both hope and faith alive, when it all seems so futile and God seems so very far away.

There are other mountains, though.

Forgiving someone who wronged you, and reaffirming that forgiveness in your heart every day.

Having a child go off the straight and narrow, and keeping a light burning over the door to your heart.

Staying with a marriage that seems unsalvageable, because you made a commitment, and because you believe that God can work miracles.

The movie is about ordinary people doing extraordinary things...it's about climbing and survival and the indomitable spirit that rests in each of our hearts, waiting for a call.

You are extraordinary

You can climb the Everest that dominates your horizon, and you can survive the storm that threatens to blow you off the mountain to break on the rocks below, in the freezing darkness.

It's all within you.

And when God feels the furthest away, He's within you, too.

Waiting for your call, and waiting for you to extend your hand, so you can do this thing...together.

Even if this thing is dying.

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  1. Oh Andrew, just like seeing a heart vision of Christ on the cross in agony humbles and motivates and keeps us in the battle, so too, words of a dying man, who refuses to succumb to the storm before the appointed time, gives hope to those of us who have mountains in our life. I want to jump off every day, but God holds my feet and hands to this, my cross, every day, saying, not my will, but thine. Thank you my friend. My heart is wrapped around yours in prayer today and through this wondrous Easter season.

    1. Mary, thank you so much for this; you've warmed my heart and brightened a dark day. I'm so grateful.

  2. Your words are powerful, Andrew. God's power in you is only growing. Amen to this: "Waiting for your call, and waiting for you to extend your hand, so you can do this thing...together." Holding your hand from afar as you fight the good fight till the beautiful end and beginning of the new. May God continue to uphold you and Barbara with His mighty right hand.

    1. Anna, you do me such great honour with your words! And we deeply, truly appreciate your prayers.

  3. You are amazing! Not many people dealing with your problems would remember, much less be able, to keep inspiring people as you do.

    1. Jan, thank you...one thing I have learned is that to live is to serve, and it's truly service that keeps me going.

  4. Tears. Andrew, this is spectacular truth and real life. I posted it on my FB author page. You got it, the thing that makes the life of faith real. You endure and you teach us to endure. When hope seems dim, you dig deep and find some more hope. There is life and there is pain. So often the two thread together and grow tighter and stronger as the years progress, and then we look back and see how God has carried us through the impossible. Yesterday God impressed me to pray for you while I was driving the country miles to visit my mother, who is also having some struggles. She doesn't give up either. Nice to hear your blogger voice again. GBU

    1. My dear friend, Norma, than you so much! I am so glad for your friendship, an so appreciative of your prayers. And I will be praying for your mother, and for you.

  5. Andrew, oh my goodness. What a great post. You're right. We all have Everests in our lives. The question is, will we die on that Everest, or will we determine we are going to summit it and come out the victor? Ultimately, we can only overcome those mountains in our lives with the Lord's help, but we have to make the decision not to be defeated and decimated by it.

    Great words, my friend. I'm praying for you.

    1. Jeanne, yes...thank you so much for this!

      And especially for the prayers.

  6. Oh, boy...Andrew..."find it useful?" Just when I feel as if I have lost my grip on that climb to Everest...somebody...YOU of all people who has your own Everest to climb...writes such a post as this one!! These words hit right to my inside soul, and hit the mark where you through God have just what I need to read! Thank you so much for remaining His instrument for so many of us that read your journey...

    I must admit I have been lacking in reading your posts...no reason. Just busy and into myself?! But today, I was drawn to it. And appreciate all you have said...I will be adding some of these words to my journal, where I go back to once in a while to remind myself of what I should already know in my heart!!! Hugs and prayers, always!

    1. Barbara, my gosh, I am so glad this touched you! To hear that makes every stop of the climb worthwhile.

      I know how life gets busy; you've been in my prayers, and your hugs and prayers are treasured.

  7. Replies
    1. Tara, thank you so much...and I can't resist adding, 'takes one to know one!'

  8. Excellent!Wonderful encouragement. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Rachel, for your kind words, and for your presence here.