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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Your Dying Spouse 338 - Stronger Than God!

Well, according to Pastor Bobby Schuller (of Hour Of Power), I am stronger than God.

In his sermon last week he talked about God's strength, and mentioned that God has 16-in biceps.

I have 17-inch biceps.

Case closed. Though God's muscle tone is probably a bit better.

Obviously, no one and nothing is stronger than the Almighty, but His strength, or a part of it, is always ours for the asking.

We do, however, need to ask.

See, our strength reaches its height, its maximum, when we recognize our weakness (Paul's words, credit where it's due!). Only then, when our muscles are trembling and on the brink of failure, when we say, "God, I can't do this, HELP ME!" do we open up the barriers that separate us from the Almighty. We bow to the reality that we can't do it alone.

And He steps in. In the physical realm, our bodies are limited by their design and construction, as is any engineered entity...I mean, you can take a Ferrari 308 (think Magnum, PI) to the skidpad, and under ideal conditions the best lateral acceleration it can achieve is 0.77 g.

So your body has limits, but turning to God can help you reach those limits, and not stop short. I've seen it often, and hey, I see it every day, when I ask God to help me rise to a standing position, and walk.

But more important is the spiritual and moral strength we can be given. It's the strength to keep hope alive when everything's going dark (been there, done that), and the strength to keep a man from acting to seduce a married woman with whom he's fallen desperately in love. Yeah, been there too.

Our physical selves want to quit, to give in, to take the easy road or that which might promise more pleasure.

But God is more than willing to stiffen our spines, not in correction but in love, to save us from the worst we can bem and bring us to the best we can be in that moment.

Sometimes the best you can be seems pretty small.

But to God, who knows the limits you carry, it can be huge.

But (thanks, Bobby Schuller!), my biceps are still  bigger than God's!

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  1. And it is not by might or by power but by His Spirit. Great reminders today, Andrew.
    We always lust after the power of God but when we experience just a taste it's like holding a lightning bolt and we are overwhelmed by the after effects.
    We were meant to be his vessel with safely directed power flowing through us and always grounded.
    (Science brain going here)
    Very thankful you are continuing to point to the source with your platform!!!
    Love and prayers.

    1. Tammy, exactly...like holding a lightning bolt. Good one!

      Safely-directed power, and well-grounded...this is just so good. Thank you for this!

      The prayers are truly appreciated. This has been a run of terrible days.

      Love back, from all of us.

  2. Replies
    1. Shelli, thank you so much...and I HAVE to add...

      Takes one to know one! :)