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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Did You Notice Them? - Five Minute Friday

Once again, it's Five-Minute Friday, hosted by Kate Montaug. The challenge is to write for five minutes on a given "theme word", posted by Kate on Thursday night...and then stop when the timer dings.

Today's word is notice.


Did you notice them?

They were in Wal-Mart today - the elderly couple. He was wearing a cap that said "Korean War Veteran",and a windbreaker with a small American flag pinned to one lapel. There was a little Korean flag pinned to the other.

She was in a wheelchair. He was walking straight and tall, and pushing her. She pushed the shopping cart. Quite a sight.

Occasionally he would rest one hand on her thin shoulder, and she would put up her hand to touch his.

Did you see them in the canned-food aisle? He was trying to reach something on the top shelf, when a young, tattooed homie walked past.

The gangbanger stopped, turned, and then took down what the veteran needed. Then he pushed the cart through the store for them. He called the veteran "sir", and called his wife "ma'am".

Did you notice them?

Did it give you hope?


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  1. Joining you from FMF. Yes, what you wrote gave me hope. I wrote about hope today, too.

  2. Yes, I did!! Your post gave me hope and specially I could focus my mind in my love to my husband. Thank you...

  3. It happens more than we realize, if we'll just pay attention. Thanks for drawing our attention to it today, Andrew. It does give me hope and brings me pleasure. Blessings to you.

  4. Now that's hope! Loved this story. Thanks so much for noticing!

  5. Love this story, Andrew. The perfect end to this sabbath.

    Thanks for capturing these sacred moments.