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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Marriage Dare - Five Minute Friday

Once again, it's Five-Minute Friday, hosted by Kate Montaug. The challenge is to write for five minutes on a given "theme word", posted by Kate on Thursday night...and then stop when the timer dings.

We must all be mad. This is not easy.

The word for today is dare.


Marriage is a dare.

It's a dare to become part of someone's life, someone you probably didn't know until you were an adult.

It's a dare to commit to a life of service, a life of putting someone else first.

Not what we're used to, when we're young. Sure, we talk about it, talk about service in the church, service to our country...but at the end of it, we have the sneaking hope that there will be something left for us.

Marriage is not like that.

When you marry, you give your whole heart, your whole life. That's the vow you make, before God, your spouse, and your community.

To thee I pledge all I am.

That's why I write about marriage, both in this blog, in my other blog (www.dailygracequote.wordpress.com), and in my novels.

Marriage is the greatest adventure in life. It beats getting shot at for short-term thrills, and a good marriage beats wealth for satisfaction and joy.

I'll support it as long as I can put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard. Pen to paper sounds better, eh?



  1. Such a well written post. It is one of my deep regrets that I was unable to have a good marriage, in terms of the good you describe here.

    1. Thank you for stopping by - and I'm very sorry that your marriage wasn't good.

      You have an important viewpoint,m and I hope that you'll look in from time to time, and comment.

      I'd particularly appreciate your mentioning anything I write that you may disagree with, because this is truly a community effort - to help, we all need to work together.

  2. Hi! I'm your Five Minute Friday Neighbor today! I love that you related the DARE to marriage…because if there is anything I need to remember, it's that marriage is not about my husband serving my needs. Thanks for that timely reminder! And just so you know, this is my FIRST EVER Five Minute Friday, so you're my first FMF blog to comment on :) Thanks for that! Also…I'm accepting your post as a challenge to dare myself to be unselfish in marriage. Thanks a million times for THAT!

    1. I'm honored, and will check back to your post!

      Thank you for the kind words. Marriage is the hardest long-term 'project' we'll ever do, and it's so easy to fall into the "what's in it for me" mindset. I know that I've been there, and will be again.

      It's a matter of vigilance.

  3. a dare, an invitation, a blessing, a comfort in the storm.

    yes, yes, Andrew. you've captured a taste of this lifelong commitment, man ...