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Friday, July 11, 2014

The Most Important Word in Marriage

There are a lot of candidates for Marriage's Most Important Word.





Shared Faith. Well, that's two words, but let's not be picky.

Sex. Yes, I'm a guy. Deal with it.

But those aren't even front runners, because they don't catch the crux of what marriage is all about. They get part of the way, and some of the words would be pretty good it THE most important word didn't exist.


It's WE.

Every other word listed has an individual meaning - my feelings of love, my loyalty...my  relationship with God.

Even my side of shared faith.

But we...there's no individuality that can slide through the cracks. It's a solid mutuality. It's corporate.

It's we.

Try using it more, when you talk to your mate. "What do we want to do tonight?"

Not "I want to do such-and-such". Not even "what do you want to do?"

Make it we, and see the warm glow of appreciation that will start to build.

You'll want to keep it lit.


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