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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Eek A Mouse!

I will never take my wife to Disneyland, because on meeting Mickey, she'd try to flatten him with a hardcover unabridged dictionary.

She HATES mice. She's not bothered by scorpions, spiders, or snakes. But mice...they elicit a mixture of loathing and fear that literally leaves her shaking.

I feel that way about bees, and did even before I discovered I was highly allergic. Barbara can let a bee land on her arm, and walk up to her shoulder, without flinching. Then she'll gently wave it away.

While I am nearly catatonic, and expecting this single bee to become the vanguard of a vast, buzzing, stinging horde.

I guess we all have our issues.

When we marry, we likely bring different issues to the relationship. which is both good and bad. I have no problem with mice, and while I don't want them in my house I'm not about the attack them with a grenade launcher.

Oh, sorry, a flamethrower. We've traded up.

But sometimes my less-ferocious attitude is the cause of intense irritation; my wife feels that I'm not hearing her, and that something which really bothers her, and about which she needs to vent - is ignored.

That's my failing, and I need to do better.

How? Well, obviously by listening, and by dealing proactively with any possible 'mouse invasion'.

But there's something more, I think. She needs me to be there in the feeling, to share it with her. She doesn't need me as a laid-back bulwark of tolerance against which she can find shelter.

But I don't know how to get there.

Other than to imagine the mouse is a bee.

How about you? Do you and your spouse have different hot buttons? How to you support one another when these issues aren't shared in their feeling?

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  1. I not terribly afraid of bees ... but at my 20th class reunion, I had on a bright flowered shirt. A huge bee thought I was a big flower. I was so scared that I even ran behind my daughter for protection. Double embarrassment. How low will she go? Have mercy! It finally left me alone.

  2. I would have done the same!

    I'm also the target of Killer Hummingbirds. I've been attacked and stabbed (with their beaks) twice, raising a large welt each time.

    Kind of hard to explain to people why one is warily eyeing the 'pretty hummers'...

    1. I have never heard of anyone attacked by a hummingbird. Wow! I'll never view them the same again. :)