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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Yesterday's You

God made you, yeah?

Knew you before the womb?

OK, maybe you've gone off the rails. We all do, to some degree.

But when Jesus makes all things new, He's using what you were, and making that into what you can be.

Even in the times you were furthest from God, no part of you was a throwaway. 

No shame, for with Christ, disgrace is clothed in glory.

Look back on the emptiness
of all the years now dead and gone,
but that death's all a sham unless
you refuse to take along
the younger self that lived those days,
did best or worst with what he had,
who daily offered curse or praise
to our patient Heaven-Dad.
Why take him when he was a jerk,
a scoffer at the bright and good?
Well, it's true he needed work,
but really in your heart you should
know this to be well and true,
that part of him still lives in you.

Appropriately, the Five Minute Friday prompt this week is TWENTY.

I was twenty way back when,
convinced that I would never die
until that weirded moment when
I bet my life against the sky
and drove an aeroplane straight through
some 250 kV wires;
it seemed that 'twas the thing to do
in matching madness to desires,
and by God and His mercy hand
that He keeps prepared for fools,
I was able then to land,
and having broken many rules
was asked that I not soon return,
but, dude, I flew again next morn.

The only quote I can think of here is 'stupid is as stupid does', but I've had a blast.

Music from America, with Work To Do.

Sylvia shall meanwhile work on her ice cream.


  1. Oh to be young & stupid again...or not!

    1. Barb, I never really got past "Watch THIS, and hold my beer!"

      And for that, I am grateful.

  2. I've had a blast in life too! Cheers to more!
    Jennifer, FMF

  3. It is amazing the things we do when we are young. But then ... they sure do give us things to talk about - or write about :)

    1. Joanne, you've got it absolutely right, and one can dine out on a 'misspent' youth for the rest of one's life!

  4. How we think that we'll live forever! But to live a life of adventure and risk (of different kinds) is what makes the journey exciting!

    1. Corinne, we WILL live forever...and we'll dine out in Heaven on the audacity we showed here.

  5. I would love to have the exubrence of youth today and in retrospect wished I had the wisdom that come with age. Life is full of adverntures whatever age...

    1. Rhonda, according to Barb, I still have the exuberance, but of the wisdom, there's no sign.


  6. I'm so glad our Heaven-Dad is so patient, Andrew!

    1. Lisa, yes! His patience is a large part of our salvation.

  7. Looking back can be so scary! The stupid things we did never cease to amaze me, but God was there rooting for me all the time!
    Just stopped by from FMF #15

  8. Love the way you put this, Heather, that God is rooting for us all the time.

  9. I've never been a huge risk taker...but I know for certain I've done more than share of dumb/foolish things. Thankful for God's protection - and for the chance to live life a bit wiser!:)

    1. Jennifer, I am glad this resonated with you!

      Please pardon my late response; my PTSD service dog, Ladron, died this week. I'm not doing well.

  10. I'm amazed when I look back at the dumb things I did when I was twenty (and almost every other age) and see God's hand of protection. And thankful that he was patient with me as he challenged me to do better. Enjoyed both your poems again today! Always a treat!

    1. Kym, there's a saying that God watches out for kids, drunks, and dumb animals. I fit two of those categories.

      Please pardon my late reply; my service dog, Ladron, died. I'm so lost.

  11. Twenty -. The number of years that Andrew:
    Waited before marrying
    He has been married to Barb in August.
    The number of years he has survived what most could not.
    The number of trips we've taken that he now cannot remember.
    More than the number of dogs and other animals we've loved and await his arrival.
    Twenty years of unexpected growth on both our parts. Growth woth joys, pains, sorrows, excitement, and yes surprise. All preparation for the coming biggest surprise of all. Standing before our Redeemer and Our Creator

  12. You have such a gift in connecting us through our imperfect humanity. I believe we always connect more genuinely in our humble brokenness, recognizing that what we see in others is also within ourselves. Thank you! ♥️

    1. Karen, I would not have acknowledged brokenness until this week... but the PTSD service dog who made my life sane is gone.

      I'm shattered.

  13. Replies
    1. Paula, dear younger me... exactly that!

      Please pardon my not visiting your post. It was the worst of weeks, and my heart is broken.

  14. :0) Okay, I'm smiling. I was twenty once, ya know, a country bumpkin who rode trail bikes and drove tractors, and knew how to do farm labor with the best of them. Thanks for reminding me of the invincibility of youth (I wanted to be a Dave Wilkerson groupie and preach Christ to the gangs).

  15. Enjoyed as usual. To be carefree at twenty. :) Deirdre FMF #21

  16. All I can say is that I would not want to go back and do any of it again. But though much was foolish, I wouldn't erase most of it.
    God has been with me and taught me about His love, patience and wisdom through my mistakes, pain and ups-and-downs.
    The older I become the more I love life, even my life.
    FMF 19