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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Your Dying Spouse 764 - Cold Rice

One o the really hard things about being terminal is that nothing tastes right. Spices make me sick, sweets become sour, and the wonderful nutty taste of stout is not so wonderful as it returns to the light of day.

So rice is about the best thing. A bit of butter, a bit of salt.

And if I care to think about it, it becomes a miracle.

The cold rice
upon which you meditate
will become summer’s banquet.

I have no idea what music to set this to, so how about the Fab Four, and Yellow Submarine?

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  1. That's a drag about the stout, but the rice smells nice. Thinking about you Andrew.

    1. Leon, yeah, sure is; LOVE Guinness. But I do like rice.

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

  2. This brings back memories of almost three years ago when I had open heart surgery, and for most of the two weeks following, while still in hospital, nothing tasted right. I'd be really hungry, and order something that sounded real good, but everything just had a metallic taste (the best I can describe it). Anyway, the dietitian was so sweet, and so concerned, that she kept suggesting different things to try, and finally came up with bacon. You'll like that, she said. It's really crispy and yummy. So I ordered some for breakfast the next day, but when breakfast came, there was no bacon on my plate. I asked the server about it, and he said the insurance company had just made a decision not to cover bacon (or any pork product) for people in the cardiac unit. Hope this at least brings a small smile to your face. (((Hugs)))