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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Your Dying Spouse 735 - All He Ever Wanted {Five Minute Friday}

One of the most specious criticisms of Jesus Christ is the argument that His death and resurrection were really not that 'hard' for Him, as He is divine. Kind of like Tom Brady taking the field in a Pop Warner football game.

It seems reasonable on its face, that divine strength and omniscience would shield Him from the effects of trial that we would feel, and that his 'example' is really a bit of fluff, almost a game.

And that is so wrong.

For one thing, consider the pain of the Crucifixion. Pain has a certain quality, in that it can make time seem to almost stand still...as in, ever had a root canal, or had to recover from hemorrhoid surgery?

Crucifixion is way worse than that, and for God/man, even more horrible, for He had to feel...perfectly...what we feel.

Our bodies are imperfect; when the pain sensors are overloaded, they blank out, and we pass out. Not so for the Christ.

The experience of pain, perfected.

Second, that taking on of sin...all sin. You, dear reader, have some experience of this.

No, don't look shocked. When your heart sinks, reading about some barbaric cruelty, you are having the first glimmerings of an emphatic reaction, 'feeling for' the victim, as if it has, in a misty distant tiny way, happened to you, too.

Now, imagine taking on the full dose of the worst suffering you ever heard about, and experienced the hellish glee of the perpetrator, in all its profane vile horror.

That's what Jesus took on, for every bit of suffering, for every single act of cruelty that ever took place, and, again, you have pain perfected.

And, why? Why would God become man, and become an offering of torture?

Why, for you.

And what does He want in return?

That you accept Him.

He doesn't want your wealth or your devotion in the form of temples and cathedrals.

He doesn't want you to live on your knees, wailing hosannas. That would bore Him silly.

No, like the nerdy kid in high school, the one with the button-down shirt and the glasses, the one who hung around the edges of your clique...

...the one who was willing to help you with math and science, so you could end up a Microsoft VP rather than a Starbucks barista...

...He just wants to be part of your life.

Beneath the cold blue desert sky,
the vault beyond which lie the stars
I feel at peace, joined to the One
who carries on His Hands the scars
that bind me to His Love’s intent
that shows me just how much I mean,
that when they came for Him, He went
and grace descended from the dream
to take its place upon that hill,
to bleed upon the rough-barked cross,
to exercise the dauntless will
that not a single one be lost
and His sole beseech and plea
is, “My child, abide with Me!”

As for me, my voice is ever further gone, pain and incipient despair are worse, and yeah, cancer sucks.

"Deal with it."

But I'm not dealing with it alone.

Music from For King And Country, with Shoulders.

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  1. So beautiful, Andrew, with tears in my eyes. Only Jesus could have carried all that for us. And I am praying so much that you will feel His shoulders so strong to carry you now.

    1. Bettie, I'm so grateful for this affirmation...and yes, He is carrying me.

  2. Awesome as usual. Cancer maybe silencing your voice but it's great to hear your words from God. Praying for you as always.

    1. Duane, wow...thank you! And especially, thank you for the prayers.

  3. One of your most beautiful posts.

  4. So humbled that He did it all for me. Thank you for a beautiful reminder.

  5. Andrew, your voice — the one that speaks loud and clear through this post — is anything but gone. As for the pain, despair and suckiness of cancer... prayers continue, brother.

    1. Susan, I'm so grateful for the uplifting words, and for your prayers!

  6. This is really touching. Thank you Andrew - sharing it on my blog today

  7. Well said. Lots of people out there don't want to believe this about Jesus, and they're very vocal. They would have us to believe lies. that the suffering of Christ was for naught. It's nice to read this after reading all the other deconstructing of faith. Bless you, Andrew. You are a strong voice speaking a 'radical' message. Keep it up!

    1. My dear Norma, thank you so much for this affirmation...you're so right that there are many who would deconstruct faith, of turn it into a kind of spiritual buffet so that it becomes meaningless. Thank you so much for being here!

  8. I recently attended a women's retreat day, and we watched a clip from The Passion movie of the Lord crucified. I accepted the weight of our sin on Him, and it brought me humbly before the cross yet again. He suffered for ALL that is a huge weight to bear and unimaginable in ways. I love your post and the honesty within. I pray you have some good days this week! Jenn, FMF

    1. Jenn, what He did...I think we're proctected from being able to imagine it, because even the imagining could break us.

      All we have to do is accept.

      Thank you so much for being here!

  9. People want to give something up for lent to identify with his suffering. That Is so ludicrous to me. How could one even think They could for one second know what he endured. They will diet, and some will cheat. He died. Beautifully written Andrew!

    1. Mary, you are SO right!!!!!!

      Thank you so much for this!

  10. Wow, Andrew! For someone whose voice is gone, your voice and insight are coming through loud and clear in this post, my friend! I've never really thought about the idea that Christ had to experience our pain perfectly. I do think there's a lot of evidence in Scripture for that points to that truth. Thanks for sharing so beautifully amidst your own pain! Hugs and prayers!

    1. Beth, I'm at the moment too ill to respond at length, beyond, THANK YOU.

      You are the one who made possible a personal relationship with Jesus. I am so grateful.

  11. The simple truth shared in a very clear voice. Nicely done! Thank you Andrew.

  12. I have been incognito in the blogging world for a while but came to check on you and am always blown away by your spiritual insight. That song is just sooooo good. May God continue to carry you, friend. Your words are so powerful!

    1. Nanette, it's so good to see you!!!!!! You have been missed.

      Thank you so much for your loving and affirming words. They are appreciated, and needed, more than I can say.