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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Your Dying Spouse 732 - Changes in Attitudes

This was written early in 2020, before my voice went away for good, but I think, and hope, that it might still be worth reading.

It's been an extraordinarily rough couple of weeks here. The tumour in the navel is really spoiling the beach-body, the one in the neck is making swallowing something I have to think about (try it, it ain't fun), and...

...Barb got the flu. And then, so did I, which can be really, really dangerous (especially with no medical care...did I really think this through?). (This predates the 'coronavirus' thing.)

I got so sick I had to back off the sonnets, and wrote haiku instead.

And those seasonally-centered seventeen-syllable throwaways changed me.

I was challenged to look at life from a very different perspective, one that's built around the dynamic tension of the seasonal year that God ordained.

There is inevitability, but there's also grace.

It's all about what we choose to carry.

The heart that carries summer within it
will never know
winter chill

Music from George Harrison, with My Sweet Lord.

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