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Monday, August 22, 2016

Your Dying Spouse 197 - The Miracle Of Family

Apologies for this post appearing late. Bad weekend; I was so ill that I spent part of it not knowing who I was, and not knowing who Barbara was. Not knowing who I am is not big deal, but messing up on The B...whoa. That's sick.

Still, this will be a short post, and it will be about The B and an aspect of caregiving that we hate to think of.

barbara's Dad, whom you may have read here suffered a stroke on Jul3 3, has moved into an assisted-living facility...which is in itself something of a miracle. He does have independence, with help if he needs it.

But the family home and much of its contents will be sold at auction, to build the financial cushion he needs, and therein lay some apparent heartbreak for The B.

See, she had a good childhood. She was the eldest child with two younger brothers (who still live close to the family roots, while she's half a continent away). She has good memories connected with that home, and with the items in that home.

And she thought, well, the timeline's too short. She'd never be able to get the things she really wanted out, and put into storage. That her memories would go under the auctioneer's hammer...that hurt.

But then her brothers and sisters-in-law stepped in. In a flurry of phone calls and text messages and photos, they identified those things dear to her heart...and saved them for her.

And they are safe for the duration. She doesn't know when she can retrieve them, but they are safe in a brother's barn.

She didn't expect this. She had felt far removed from her brothers, whose lives were very different in all respects.

She did not realize that blood runs deep, and that miracle is spelled F-A-M-I-L-Y.

Marley update...he's received a lot of support, but STILL NEEDS HELP TO BE SAVED.


He's up to nearly 200,000 signatures, but the local authorities are dragging their feet. They think that we'll give up and go away. We won't.

If you have a mment, I'd like to ask you to visit Change.org to consider a petition to free a 'death row dog' who has been separated from his family for ten months over a misunderstanding. Marley was saved from Afghanistan by a US serviceman; please help make sure this story doesn't end in needless tragedy! Marley's gotten a lot of support...but he still needs our help.

If you can, please do leave a comment. I am trying to answer all, and I am failing, but please know this - I read and treasure each one.

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  1. I love that Barbara's brothers pulled together a selection of treasures for her. Most men {sorry, pal!} aren't usually that intuitive and thoughtful.

    She's blessed ... even in this difficult season.

  2. My heart was breaking for Barbara. I can imagine her agony as those things dear to her seemed unretrievable. And then the brothers came through. That means so much. Glad there was a way to calm the sea and bring peace in this difficult season. Bless you both..
    Still praying. This is true.

  3. Happy to hear that Barbara's family pulled together to save the treasures that she wanted...it's heart-breaking to lose everything; it's such a difference when someone can retrieve what is wanted to a safe place! I have several treasures from loved ones who have left this world; and they remind me every day of the love we had - parents, grandparents, a beloved aunt, a dear sister-in-law...

    Blessings to Barbara; prayers and blessings and hugs to you and she, as always!

  4. Thanks for sharing this. It's good news for both of you since you care about her feelings.

  5. So sorry you had a rough weekend but seeing how God worked it out for your wife to get the things that she treasured. That was probably a huge highlight and blessing among the craziness and hard times.

  6. I am very happy about this. Is the stuff on the east coast?

  7. That's wonderful news, Andrew. I hope you are feeling better after a tough weekend.