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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Your Dying Spouse 181 - Creating Survival {FMF}

Time for Five Minute Friday, the weekly keyword-driven timed writing challenge hosted by Kate Motaung.

This week's word is CREATE.

Well, that's an easy one. I have to create my own paradigm for living, my own reason to go on, every day.

And I have to create the life that supports it, and makes it possible.

I used to have a very different view of life; a profession ait which I had at least some respect (and which I enjoyed), reasonably good health, and things on my lifetime to-do list to which I looked forward.

And now it's all different. There's no profession, and I don't even talk with anyone except my wife...and her, not much, because it hurts to ta,, and I think more slowly than she does. Makes it tough on her.

There's no grand life plan, no to-do list that gives purpose to my free time. Why work pn projects that won't be finished, and that I can't even use?

And there' the thing. I have to change my thinking, to allow for the fact that I may still have some kind of future.

I have to create that hope in my heart, and create the mechanism by which it can be realized. In writing, say, I have to make up reasons to keep working on my unfinished novels, and not to just let them slide.

I have to create the reason for my own survival.

The musical inspiration for today's post comes from Phil Collins...

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  1. Andrew, I always, always appreciate your perspective. The thought of creating hope in your heart . . . I've never thought about things that way. I imagine it's because there's hope in your heart that you're willing to create reasons for your own survival. Thanks for sharing your insight here. Your words are meaningful.

    My friend, I'm praying for you and your family. Each day and night.

    1. Jeanne, thank you. Best movie line I ever heard comes from "The Rock", and was spoken by Sean Connery.

      "I nurtured the hope that there was hope."

  2. I love the idea of creating hope in your heart. I love the way you write, my friend, and share your life with all of us. Keep creating the reasons for you to keep going, my friend: we're cheering you on. Love and prayers always.

    1. Jordan, thank you so much. Too ill right now to say more. I so appreciate you, and love you. You're special.

  3. Creating hope and a reason for your own survival. I think that's the root of EVERYTHING! Thanks Andrew - and God bless.

  4. You continue to create with every post you write ...

  5. Creating hope... That seems more challenging than creating a "successful" profession. Thank you for creating a space to think and grow here!

  6. And, what does this hope-monger always say? #hopechangeseverything So glad about Barb's dad. See, miracles do happen. xo

  7. hi andrew, it's interesting to see what life is like when everything is stripped away that we did to distract ourselves from the basic important thing. when all is said and done and we no longer have a career and friends to talk to much. when our health is gone and our plans can no longer be fulfilled, what is our hope? it must be in eternal things. it must be what lasts forever. in the work Jesus did for us to reconcile us to Himself. what a grace. what a gift! what a hope for eternity.

  8. Another great post friend. You really have had to change and create your own paradigm haven't you. I'm still so glad you're here. And has Susan said above, hope does chNge everything.

  9. Andrew,
    The beauty of your post is that "everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry." (James 1:19)
    You are gifted to speak less and think slowly-you sin less than us quick tempered quick tongued fools!! ;)
    As far as hope, Peter said to always be prepared to explain the hope that you have.

  10. Andrew,
    You definitely have a different vantage point for this word. And all of the words. I'm sure having the courage for creativity is hard in contrast to the despair or fatalism you probably feel.
    You are creating hope and humanity here for people by taking the time to type out your thoughts in this season of your life. You're still creating.

  11. Here's a little dose of hope for you today:

    Dogs snore while the wind blows outside my window. The flag flaps and the trees dance wildly. In my heart I sense God's pleasure at the display. He is present and active and with you right now, my friend.

  12. None of us can truly understand what this must be like for you. I love that you speak of the heart clutching onto hope: something you'll never lose in Christ Jesus: the assurance of all that is as yet unseen.

    I remember Mum struggle so much with everything slowing down and her inability to "finish" her so-called "projects" (of helping others). I sat there with her as this anxiety clutched hold of her and told her she still had the power of prayer...something you too will never lose, for no matter how slow your thoughts become or how difficult speech becomes, the Spirit within you will continue communicating with the Father on your behalf: all the words you cannot string together, the Spirit will hold up as prayer. Praying God's blessing upon you and Barbara today, Andrew.

  13. He is our hope, Andrew, and it is His spirit inside you that keeps you in the fight. You have a purpose. Your writing blesses and inspires all who read. God bless you.

  14. creating hope in your heart! I really like that picture. Hope doesn't come easy when things are hard and in the unknown. But the whole idea of creating, molding, making hope it is a process, it takes time. Your perspective brings insight. Thank you Andrew

  15. Keep creating that space in your life, Andrew. It is what keeps your heart beating another beat. And we need your voice of reason in the chaos of living. Prayers are being lifted for you and Barbara daily!

  16. We do need to have - or create - a to-do list; a "bucket" list; a reason for being...and those things change from time to time. I cannot imagine being in the situation you are in; and you are fighting every day just to "be"...prayers for all of you always!

  17. You create hope every time you share my friend. Even though life appears grim on your end, you do have the hope to keep going on. Thank you for continuing to show up and to fight. Battle on my friend. Hugs!