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Friday, January 31, 2014

Something Husbands Need to Know

Your wife didn't marry you for you.

Feel a little nudge to the ego, there? Not quite the Lone Ranger, the Duke, and Russell Crowe all rolled into one?

She married you for what you could be together.

And that is way more of a compliment, because it involves a committment on her part that's greater than you could ever imagine.

Women are all about connection and community. Their emotional investments in relationships are much deeper than that of men - because relationships are their world.

A man's world consists of boxes. The work box, the friend box, the sports box.

The marriage box.

Women aren't a bit like that. Their relationships in one area define them in every other, and create a world that is rich and interconnected to a degree that most men would find confusing - and, frankly, scary.

Scary because it implies the requirement for response to different situations, different demands.
Boxes are predictable, and controllable - and you can always leave.

Men will typically cut their losses, cut and run...see the euphemism? Cut. Like cutting a string.

For a woman, cutting is more like surgery.

A woman's world is made up of disposable boxes, and there's no exit.

Nor would she want there to be, because you're part of it - and why should she want to depart from the man she loves?

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