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Friday, January 10, 2014

Jesus' Three Tips for Time Management

There are almost as many books about time management as there are about relationships.

And still we struggle with it. It seems that every new addition to our accumulated wisdom are just more words, and we have a surplus.

How are we supposed to manage time, anyway? What's the secret?

Jesus has some answers, and He can give us guidance...if we'll let Him. He's waiting, so over to Jesus...

  • Take the time you need, and don't be pushed - When the elders were about to stone the woman accused of adultery, they asked Jesus about the issue, hoping to trap Him in an inconsistency. They knew that He knew that they were baiting Him, and they wanted a quick, unguarded answer they could use against Him. They didn't get it. Jesus ignored them at first, just drawing patterns in the sand. When he was ready, He answered.
  • Let things develop - when He was told that Lazarus was dying, everyone expected Jesus to rush to His friend's side. But Jesus delayed, and arrived four days after Lazarus' death. He knew what everyone else did not, that Lazarus had to be in the tomb for at least three days for his raising to be the real deal, since Jewish custom held that the soul stayed in the body for three days after death.Up to three days, raising Lazarus was cool, yes, but not necessarily a miracle - he might only have been in a coma. But four days...that was a miracle, and it needed time to become possible.
  • Know when to leave - when an angry crowd was about to grab Jesus and beat, stone, and otherwise do him harm, He walked through them and left. In the nick of time? Yes, but He knew that it was time to go. How often have you seen people linger over the cold ashes of a dead conversation, or before the blank walls of a concluded negotiation? When it's done, it's done, and you just need to move on.
They say that three bullet points on a Powerpoint slide is the most you should include, and I'll follow that guidance here.

It's in your hands now, and it's time for me to go.,


  1. Great points, and a topic that I sure needed...time seems to leave me in the dust these days. I'm learning to breathe, relax, and refuse to let my goal put me on a slippery slide to burn-out. Bless you, Andrew! Hope you're having a good weekend. :-)

    1. I'm so glad that you found it helpful! I have the same problem, and having to juggle a number of balls...well, chainsaws...makes it harder.

      Blessings back, Gwendolyn!

  2. I love all three of these points, never thought of them.