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Monday, November 25, 2013


Patience is one of the 'cardinal' virtues, and for good reason.

The world teaches us to be impatient. Why? There's good money in it. The more you want, and the faster you want it, the more risks you're willing to take to get it.

Like signing a loan for a payment you can't afford at an interest rate that used to be the province of loan sharks.

Or making a purchase on impulse, and telling your spouse about it later.

Spontaneous is good...but not when it turns into stupid.

Impatience colors our personal lives, as well. Think about your marriage...are there things about your spouse that make you impatient? (Stop rolling your eyes...yes, I know it's a dumb question!)

Have you talked about it, and is some change happening? If so...I bet it's happening more slowly than you'd like. The toilet seat gets put down some of the time now, but not all of the time?

Patience accepts work toward a destination as something of value on itself. Patience steps away from zero-tolerance, and admits that imperfection, when headed in the right direction, is okay, too.

Patience is about the soul, not the goal.

Patience is love.

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