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Friday, November 8, 2013

Defending Christianity

Christians are under attack in the US. No question.

From efforts to remove roadside memorial crosses to the removal of the Ten Commandments from public buildings...and to say nothing of prayer...it's as if our government has turned away from Christianity, in shame that becomes a self-destroying anger.

Did I say "as if"? Sorry, This is exactly what's happening.

The reasons are many, but most are rooted in the 60s and 70s, when rejection of authority became the norm, and one was pilloried for rebelling against the "young peoples' rebellion". (See, you couldn't rebel against the rebels, which pretty well sums up the whole nutcase couple of decades...which culminated in disco, as if to prove my point.)

But if we reject authority, with what do we replace it? Another authority, or course, but this time the "correct" authority.

And the correct authority says that we have to be tolerant. Tolerant of everyone, because after all, are not good and bad merely a matter of perspective?

So we Christians are enjoined to be tolerant, and to put aside our narrow-minded dogmatic interpretation of good and evil.

The funny thing is, the Commissars of Correctness think this is a nice trap. If Christians practice toleration of something minor, we'll be served something major to tolerate.

And eventually we'll be painted into a corner, where the Commissars will triumphantly say that we're not so different from the pagans, after all. We can see their point of view to tolerate them...so we are them.

They have a point. It seems that when we know Evil, we choose it. From which tree was Adam told not to take the fruit? The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. (The Star Wars cosmology also touches on this - the Jedi do not learn nor use the dark side of the Force; the Sith use it, and are consumed by it to become wholly evil.)

How do we defend our faith, and take back our country? Simple. Be intolerant of what offends your faith.

Be narrowminded when you're told you should be "open", when being open leads to sin.

Don't agree just to be nice. Nice guys who cave in on their principles are pathetic losers.

Set an example of not abandoning your faith. You'll be ridiculed, and people will call you names.

But there will be that young person down the street who sees you, and thinks, "I want what she wants!"

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