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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Los Conquistadors

 You don't separate brothers.

Cocoa and Latte wound up at Animal Humane when their owner had to go to a care facility. They knew, I think, that they might be parted, or worse.

And then Barb showed up. "Two Chihuahuas? Sure, no problem!"

They enjoy their life, and so do we.

This is Cocoa. He likes to walk upright (remember, he's nine years old). Please pardon the background... we're cleaning!

Chihuahuas running to and fro,
Chihuahuas dancing hither, yon,
Chihuahuas always on the go,
Chihuahuas rise before the dawn
sounding like a car alarm,
"Let us out, we mean RIGHT NOW,
or we'll do your ears more harm,
leaving you to ask just how
two tiny dogs could come so fast
to rule what had been ordered place,
to upend first unto the last
and ensure you call it grace,
and thus by now it should be clear,
it's our world, you just live here."

When you look at the south end of a northbound Chihuahua, you'll see the Chihuahua Bounce, an insouciant hip-swingy prance.

It's catching. Daughtrie, our somewhat ancient Blue Heeler, now walks like that.

So does Barb.

With Chihuahuas, it's always Manic Monday.

The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is VISION. Easy.

The vision of Chihuahuas
is quite easy to see,
just give them enchiladas
and then please let them be,
for they have not been bred to share
their food, or of blessings bestowed,
and they truly do not care
what other canines think are owed.
Belle the Wolf has now been tamed,
The Killers are embarrassment,
for the Dogs Who Won't Be Named
are not in the least content
until they rewrite God's own laws
and the world is subject to their paws.

Three minutes, ChiChi supervision.

The Killers are twin sisters, Ridgeback-Pit mixes. They were the first to surrender to Cocoa and Latte, crawling, humiliatingly, on their bellies.

Sylvia's ice cream, though, won't be rushed.

Unless the Chichi's will have it.



  1. Never really liked Chihuahua 's , but am warming to them through your stories!

    1. I was the same way. I thought them barky yappy nippy little monsters, and they're all that, but with huge loving hearts attached.

  2. I so appreciate the heart of others who choose shelter pets over purebred or "puppy mill" animals.

    We love our "heinz-57" breed kitties!

    1. Barb, thanks. All of ours come from shelters, or are foundlings, dumped on the Mesa. I love them all.

  3. It's funny that Cocoa walks upright! I assume he runs on all fours. (?) I appreciate how you phrase things, Andrew, "When you look at the south end of a northbound Chihuahua." All your dogs sound like their full of personality! Our Coco (a Yorkie) has us wrapped around his little paws.

    1. Lisa, the Chihuahuas have been an education. Cocoa does indeed prefer to walk upright...Latte, the more reserved of the two, likes to be on all fours.

      They have completely changed the household atmosphere, far for the better. The other dogs adore them, and I think that, like me, they grow an ineffable smile when the Chichi's are running.

  4. I feel the joy in your words! What a gift these two are (as well as dear Sylvia, bless her).

    1. Karen, the joy reflects my life. The dogs are a gift, but even more so is the ability, given by God, to appreciate them.

  5. Andrew this is so precious! I love your poems. I have an emotional support dog. A spoiled rotten amusing delightful princess of a beagle.
    Visiting today from FMF#23

    1. Paula, we ADORE beagles! We don't have one at the moment; ours are foundlings or shelter dogs, but we DO have a dachshund, who is at least a cousin.

  6. Chihuahuas... a force to behold. :) FMF15

    1. Annette, Chihuahuas are indeed a force that TOPS nature!

  7. Your chihuahua poems made me smile.
    P,S. Cocoa looks like a very large chihuahua.

    1. Grams, I am delighted that the Boys gave you a smile!

      Cocoa and Latte are big for Chihuahuas (about 15 lbs), but one thing I learned is that the breed accommodates quite a range of sizes.

  8. Love your poetry, as always! You're so talented and insightful

    1. Heather, you just made my day.

      Thank you so much!

  9. Ahhh, Andrew. Your poems made me smile. Big. I know a few people who have recently become fortunate enough to have chihuahuas added to their families. They love them. I love hearing your stories of Cocoa and Latté. It's funny to me that your much bigger dogs have bowed low to the newcomers. :) I'm continuing to pray for you and Barb, my friend.