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Thursday, March 17, 2022

It's Fishy

Humour keeps me young, or at least immature (Barb vigourously nods head).

I long to play a bass guitar,
it is my fondest wish,
but among my questions are
how do you tune a fish,
and when one is playing scales
where does one begin?
All the way back at the tail,
or right up by a fin?
Because the stage is very warm,
and one needs a solid bridge,
the sensible pre-concert form
is to keep it in the fridge.
In my art I'll build my skill
and one day play 'longside Vince Gill.

Music, of course, from Brad Paisley, with I'm Gonna Miss Her.

The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is EASY, and I am too ill to do more than say that the only easy day was yesterday.

But..how about a haiku?

Was it easy
to roll away the stone
and let in the scent of spring?

Fish and chips and ice cream... Sylvia says Yummy!


  1. Replies
    1. Grams, I am so happy to pass along the smile, and so glad you're here!

  2. Sweet Sylvia:) And happy Friday, Andrew! Thanks for sharing today!!

  3. Humor can have a fine line, Andrew, "Humor keeps me young, or at least immature." Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. Ha! But the Word says laughter is good medicine, so keep being humorous! Praying for you as you continue to transition. May you and your wife experience His abundant grace, renewing strength and never-ending love.

    1. Lisa, I have found more laughter and joy in the wild woods of cancer than I could ever have imagined.

  4. I always enjoy your sense of humour! Love the haiku too!

    1. Lesley, thank you... and I'm delighted that you enjoyed the haiku.

  5. Loved your fishy musings! Sorry it's not been an easy week. Prayers for you both.

    1. Kym, we're so glad you enjoyed this, and so grateful for your prayers.

  6. So there is the question, am I young or immature? Depends on the nature of the humor I think. As for fish, I just tried (for the sixth time,) to eat sushi and this time actually enjoyed it. The difference between quality and novice, and price! How can I listen to a bass guitar the same way now? May easy days be the day you are in and not a memory. Prayers always!

    1. Mary, the line between young immature is fine. I cross it every day.

      The only fish I ever really liked was fish and chips...shared with Sylvia.

      Thank you so very much for your prayers!

  7. I love humor to defuse tense situations. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Cindy, humour is my go-to for almost everything. Not always appropriately, but I have fun.

  8. Stephanie, I'm so glad you liked the haiku. It's in a way more challenging than writing a sonnet.

  9. May your humor bring you strength this week.