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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Gone and Back Again

Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh dear,
my hard drive went away,
and I was therefore filled with fear
that I could not post today.
But Barbie to the rescue came
with a Smart Phone just for me,
so I'm still in the blogging game,
not vanished mystery.
One day computer will return,
but it will take some time,
and this is tech I need to learn...
and it's on Barbie's dime!
I have no complaints at all,
except these keys are REALLY SMALL!

Music by Daniel Boone, 'Beautiful Sunday'.

The video may not load from the phone...


  1. You made me chuckle this morning, Andrew! I can so relate, and I love your humor about the situation. I hope you are having a pretty good week otherwise. Sending hugs! Karen (FMF #7)

  2. Andrew, you made me laugh this morning as I so dislike typing anything at all on my phone. I truly cannot imagine writing a post or commenting on the posts of others from my phone. You and Barb are truly amazing and I hope you are both doing well!

  3. Thanks Andrew. I know wat you mean because I usually post on a Friday when I have time at work. Sometimes it's so bad spell check gets confused. Glad you are still able to post even on small keys.

  4. Wow, you are amazing. I would never be able to type a whole post on my phone. I'd be lost without my computer.

  5. Hooray for still being in the blogging game...and kudos to you for typing all that on your phone! I can barely leave emojis:)

  6. i hooted! Thanks for the laugh! :)

  7. Oh my, sounds like my luck! Take care, Andrew (& Barb!

  8. Oh isn't technology fun? I'm glad you're taking it in stride and finding some delightful humor in it too!


  9. Andrew, you made me smile. You have yourself a goooooood wife. :) I hope using the phone becomes easier. :)