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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Some Evil Days

 This should not have been written, because yesterday, I should have been dead.

Been very sick; high and consistent fever since Saturday, trying to breathe around a solid 'block' in my chest...and yesterday Barb thought the jig was up, with a temperature of 104.5 and breath that really had to be pushed.

And then the fever broke, and breathing became more normal.

Not out of the woods but I'm here.

I won't get to many of your Five Minute Friday posts...if any...and certainly with no sonnets. I'm too tired.

But I hope you'll like this Ode to Barb, the last one I wrote before I was overwhelmed.

She stands there in her do-rag
and her mirrored shades;
some peers are now becoming hags,
but that's not how Barb's made.
She's got a small chain steering wheel
in her sport utility,
and speakers that will let you feel
hip-hop in her vicinity.
She's put in top hydraulic gear,
the best she could afford;
Christ on dashboard makes it clear
she's low-ridin' for the Lord,
and when bright Heaven's days arrive
she'll school the cholos how to drive.

Here's WAR, with Low Rider (please click here if the video doesn't load on your device).


  1. ;). That Barb! Prayers that you feel better soon!

  2. oh, makes me feel like I know her! :) be okay eh?

  3. Barb, we love you - you know that. Andrew, we think you're crazy and love you anyway. If not here. There. Ok? Not because of anything you deserve but because you said YES to His free offer. I'm so dang glad. xoxoxo

  4. Hang in there! Many more poems to be written. Praying the woods come clear soon.

  5. Praying for both you and Barb!! Shoutout to barb. I definitely feel like I know her as well. Deirdre FMF #3

  6. This will be Barb's favorite! I started July listening to a lie, and then God gave me "With God all things are possible". In July my word is possibilities! Praying for you. If you see Him before I do, mention my name. He will know who you're talking about. Of all the people I never met, I'm convinced I'll see you yet. They'll be no remembrance of times regret, just praise to Him and unending smiles. I will keep looking for your next poem.

  7. Continued prayers for you and Barb. The two of you have been on my mind and in my heart. Thank you for introducing this snapshot of who Barb is, I will call her, friend. Blessings my dear blogging friend in Christ.

  8. Barb is one tough cookie as are you. Praying for you and her. May the Lord ease your pain and comfort both of you.

  9. "low-ridin' for the Lord" LOVE THIS! Thinking of you, friend. Blessings.

    Amie, FMF #18

  10. Rest well today, Andrew, and know you are being held in love. Thanks for your words, always. (Karen, FMF #11)

  11. You and Barb have been in my thoughts and prayers--even all these weeks that I have not participated in FMF. I have been keeping up with your posts though. Just stopped responding because I had no words. My heart hurts for what you are going through--and Barb. Some day we will meet, and I'll be able to give you a real hug instead of just a virtual one. Meanwhile I'm forever grateful for all your posts and sonnets that have been such a blessing and encouragement. May the Lord ease your pain and comfort you. Love, Grams

  12. Keeping y'all in my prayers. Couldn't help but laugh at your ode to Barb because one of my good friends has always thought a good name for a band would be Dashboard Jesus. Keep hanging in there until the race is done.

  13. Now I know why God was prompting me to pray for you guys the last few days.


  14. 7/9 Missed you posting today. Know it must be bad. So sorry. Prayers.

  15. Praying! I remember my husband's pain, spasms and fever when he had a lobe of his lung removed. Wanting to fix the pain but unable. Wanting to hover but knowing it would only add distress. But learning a new ebb and flow, a different routine of how to comfort. I love how you see your wife - and how you express it!