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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Your Dying Spouse 723 - Maybe It's For The Best

In the end, I was wrong.

Barb didn't need a wannabe samurai, facing death with sword in hand.

She needed someone who could accept hopelessness, and accept the comfort she could give.

I am so sorry.

I really want to stay here,
to love my dogs and honour wife,
but it's becoming all too clear
that I can't sustain my life.
A ring of tumours 'round the throat
conspire to inhibit breath,
and those of lungs get a vote;
they clamour for my death.
Perhaps it is all for the best
that I am compelled to go,
for what she wanted as a love-nest
became the Alamo.
Still, I hope that she looks back with pride
at how I lived, and how I died.

Music from The Fray, with How To Save A Life.

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  1. (((((Andrew)))))

    "Remember the Alamo!" became the battle-cry at the battle of San Jacinto that led to Texas independence. The Alamo is something to be proud of. And we know that Barbara and all of your family and friends are proud of how you have lived... not proud in an arrogant and boastful way, but in the same way I feel when I have done my best and it was good enough.

    Annie in Texas (home of the Alamo)

  2. Oh Andrew. ... Barb has samurai strength of her own. You can rest now, KNOWING Jesus will keep her in the months and years to come, just as he has kept you. (Don't let that lying serpent tell you anything different and rob you of ANY peace with his sneaky deception... Sorrow can be left at the foot of the cross.) Barb - as well as all of us - will look back in so much pride of your life and your death....... upping the prayers for you and Barb. Thank you for your prayers and your friendship. They have meant so much to me.

  3. Andrew, you've been here WAY longer than you expected to be and you've been an inspiration to all of us who read your posts. I won't stop praying for you, and I pray for Barbara every day too.

  4. So many tears... So much raw honesty. I see but a tiny glimpse of your word-crafted life and it is clear that she will be so proud...