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Friday, October 4, 2013

Do You Really Want a Christian America?

Most Christians would jump at the chance to make the United States a 'truly Christian nation'.

But I suspect that many of these have never really thought it through. They see the abolition of gay marriage and the re-institution of school prayer as prime goals, along with the teaching of Biblical Creation.

But there's more. A lot more. Christianity isn't a buffet. It's more like swallowing a whole cow.

First...parts of the system would look decidedly Communist. When the Apostles got together and established a community after Jesus' Ascension, the members gave Peter and the other leaders the money they got from selling their property...and were given that which they required for their daily needs. No less, but no more.

However, it would hardly be a welfare state, because if a person capable of working chose not to...then no food. But those who couldn't work due to age or illness would be treated with love and respect, not merely fobbed off with a pittance and warehoused in 'facilities'. In a Christian society visiting the old and the sick, to improve their lives and keep them active and happy, would be a must. So much for sleeping in on Saturday.

You might be driving something different, too, because borrowing more than you could afford to pay back would not happen. It's questionable as to whether any borrowing would be permissible, but Jesus was nothing if not practical, and one imagines that He would recognize that you need some kind of house (mortgage) and some kind of car.

A lot more double-wides than suburban showpieces, and a lot more VWs than Volvos.

But don't spend that Christian Dividend from lower mortgage and car payments just yet, because you've still got to give 10% off the top...of your gross income. Many of the other taxes would probably remain. Have to pay teachers and police and firemen and the military somehow.

And...bye-bye bling and muscle shirts and low-cut blouses and Air Jordans. We're dressing modestly, now. But maybe you can keep the Air Jordans if you're a basketball player.

Pornography would disappear, but so would a lot of television shows and movies that you may now enjoy. Decency standards would discourage looking with lust on another woman...

And there goes the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Your kids would learn to be a lot more respectful. Hooray!

So would you, to duly elected officials, your parents, your neighbors...

Uh, yay? Sorry, couldn't quite hear you.

We could go on, but I think you get the idea. A Christian nation would be very different, and would feel quite confining in many ways.

It would be hell for the very rich, and a paradise for the working poor.

Is this what you want?

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