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Friday, August 23, 2013

Tolerating Atheism?

What are atheists trying to prove?

A lot. And they want to change the fabric of our society so it can never be changed back.

Atheism is a faith. While many of its adherents claim that it's based on scientific fact, that's untrue. What they call 'fact' often boils down to either what they call the absence of scientific evidence for God, or quotes from 'smart people' like Stephen Hawking, who claims that a self-originating universe makes God unnecessary.

Oh, please. I have a lot of respect for Dr. Hawking, but (a) the self-originating universe is unproven and unprovable - it merely does not violate physics as we know it, and (b) to infer that such a universe could independently achieve the degree of complexity and organization that we see involves enough special pleading to beggar the imagination.

But they persist - buying ad space that says "God Doesn't Exist", and demanding the right to erect monuments to atheism in public places. One, recently built in Florida, is a bench inscribed with quotes from such men as Albert Einstein (who specifically said he was not an atheist...go figure).

Well, my dogs need a place to pee when we visit there.

And why do they persist? Why, to win people over to their faith, of course. They want you, me, and everyone to abandon God, abandon hope for a life beyond this one.

They want freedom from religion., because they feel that religion has caused too many wars, too much killing. Too much intolerance.

We shouldn't look to a God in the sky to give us our values. We should look to the innate nobility of Man.

Interesting, considering the Nazis, the genocide in Rwanda, and Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. Not very noble.

There have been several officially atheistic societies in recent history. The Soviet Union, Communist China, and France, after the Revolution.

All three set records in mass murder of their own citizens.

Without God, we are rudderless. The only True North we have are ideas from the mind of man, which are changeable as the wind, and salted with ego and self-interest.

Nobility and good are defined by who's in power, and the strength of their support.

Is this the world you want for your kids?

Fight back. Stand for your faith. This isn't a question of tolerating different points of view.

This is survival.

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