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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Going For The Gold

As Week One of the 2012 Olympics grinds onward, my Writer's Lifestyle allows a wonderful opportunity for research...I can keep the TV on the Games all the times, and see more about the Mongolian Rowing Teams than I ever thought possible, or would have liked to know.

Something's different this time around, though. There seems to be a bit less of the drum-beating 'go for the gold' emphasis on winning, and more of an understanding that when it comes to the Olympics, winning isn't everything. Competing is. That is SO refreshing!

It's also a good life lesson. We put off so many things in our life, or judge what we do harshly, because circumstances, or our performance, don't live up to the standards we set in our mind. The competition with our own ego.

And so, the quick trip to the Grand Canyon, when we would have had just an afternoon at the South Rim, is discarded for the full-on raft trip, but the time's never quite right. The anniversary where we had to stay home because the dog puked on the sofa is substandard...good for a laugh, but Puker ruined it, along with the sofa.

We only have one shot at this life. Every minute that passes, every chance, has the potential for gold.

But silver and bronze aren't that bad.

Neither is just being there.

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