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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Heaven Is Real. It Ain't That Bad, Neither.

(The series on creating characters will continue...but I was asked to write today's piece by a good friend)

I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't had a Near-Death Experience (NDE). It's not that I want you, or your family, to go through the pain and anguish of imminent death - rather, I'd wish upon you the sense of profound joy and...

Aw, nuts. NDE's are just plain COOL.

I've been lucky to have had several. There is the meeting with a guide, or guides; the walk along a lighted tunnel; and the emergence into a place that's far more...EVERYTHING than this life could ever be. And then, the choice to go back.

It's certainly real, and I will tell you know, it's not oxygen starvation. I've been through that lovely experience, too. It's not fun, and as different from an NDE as chalk is from cheese.

It's not a dream, either. For me, at least, dreams always have at least one element of pseudo-reality that I know an't be right - either during the dream itself, or on waking.

If you're with me so far, I suppose you might want to know - what's heaven like?

I saw no streets of gold, no angels, heard no celestial choirs. There was no throne room, there were no cities.

The part of heaven I saw was a wide valley, carrying a river. Tremendous mountains stood on either side, at a great distance, and they were snow-capped. I came down one side, through a glade of short grass, covered in dew, and I could see boats on the river; sailboats, and motorboats. I could hear birds, the wind in the trees, and yes, engine noises.

I did have guides - a friend who had been shot through the head, years ago, and one of my departed dogs.

I did meet Jesus. He had a swarthy complexion, was clean-shaven, and had blue eyes. He wore jeans and a denim jacket, with a red bandanna knotted around His neck. He was shorter than I am (I'm 5'10").

He answered a lot of my questions. Some salient points -

- You'll be surprised at who you meet there.

- Yes, there is a hell, its inhabitants choose it, and enjoy it in the twisted way that an office gossip enjoys ruining reputations.

- The Rapture is real, it's not what we think, and it's more akin to firemen saving people from a burning building than anything else.

He gave me the choice - stay, or go. He strongly implied that I should return to this life.

So I did, and my 'mission' is to live every day trying to display the truth of those three words - Heaven Is Real.

What about you? Ever had an experience like this? Skeptical?


  1. If anyone else had posted this I would have called the men in coats. But since it's you? Preach on brother!

    1. There's actually more - I'm writing it up as another book. The important thing I came away from the experience is this - that Heaven was made for us. We come from a place - this Earth - that God created, and called good. Heaven is all we love about Earth, but magnified and made holy.

      Are there powerboats on Heaven's river? Sure. Do they burn gasoline? Well, the Heavenly equivalent...because for some people, the presence of God is, in part, found in the sound of engines and the smell of exhaust. Would God give us that small sacrament, and then take it away?