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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Love Story

Once upon a time, Siro lived on the island of Aka, part of the Kerama Retto in Japan's Ryuku Islands. (The Ryukus also include Okinawa, site of one of the most ghastly battles of the Second World War.)

One day, Siro traveled to Zamami, a very rare boat trip in his life, and there he met Marilyn, and fell in love.

On returning to Aka, Siro found that he couldn't get Marilyn out of his mind, and he couldn't organize the use of another boat.

But he had to see her. The strait between Aka and Zamami was 3 km (almost two miles) across. Shiro didn;t know how well he could swim, but he had to try.

"I want to see Marilyn!"

So he swam, setting off from Nishihama Beach, and hours later crawled up on Zamami's Ama Beach.

And there was Marilyn!

And her tail was wagging, for Siro and Marilyn were both dogs.

Siro's master came to get him, and brought him back to Aka.

And wouldn't you know it, but soon Siro was off again.

He became a legend (this was in the 1980s), and a movie was made about the love that distance couldn't break: "Marilyn ni Aitai (I Want To See Marilyn).

You can get it on Amazon (click the picture below).

And you should, even if it's expensive, because we've got a lot to learn about love, and sometimes we can find some pretty unlikely teachers.


  1. Ah yes, we can learn much about life from all His creations!

    1. Yes, indeed! And we do have a lot we can learn, if the very rocks are able to sing His praise!